Toddlers Discipline ….Tantrums & Other Tricks!

Tantrums make up a large part of the behavioral irritation suffered by most parents….there are plenty of books and theories on why tantrums are needed; the books can be a very interesting read for the academic parent.

Tantrums are known to be a favorite tool of a toddler they begin not so far from birth and become a regular part of the show until around the age of four to five, by this age most children have worked out that tantrums don’t get them any glory.

Each and every child is born to be different to the next. Some children are hot tempered with a microsecond fuse, and others maybe calm easy to get along with no chance of igniting the fuse.

Toddlers Discipline Not all tantrums are caused by a parent catching their sweet innocent child in mid-stream, but the toddler being frustrated at themselves for their own lack of ability to express how they feel or what they want.

Tantrum Cures:

Curing tantrums is so simple when read from the textbook, but really difficult when you’re faced with the situation and putting into practice, it’s not as easy as it reads.

Two methods are generally suggested:

1. The Firm Cuddle.

2. Pretending To Ignore.

The “Firm Cuddle” Cure:

Many writers believe tantrums are a reaction to a child blowing his stack, in an irritated child, who is full of tension, with a violent manner and is full of rage.

It is also considered that as much as their behavior will be upsetting for the parents, it is by far worse for the unlucky child who is looking for their inner discipline.

The ignoring cure would be thought of as somewhat useless. The firm cuddle would be suggested in this instance, to allow the child a feeling of external control and the warmth of an understanding parent, while he calms himself.

This cure can be very effective with some children, but not so helpful to others.

The “Pretending To Ignore” Cure:

This cure is the most favorable even against the most determined child. We all know how children get bored very easily when stuck inside for the day due to the bad weather; they then revert to trying to gain as much attention from the unsuspecting parent.

Once the child has been told that magic word “No,” it’s like pushing the ignition button the dummy hit’s the floor, followed by the rest of his body slamming to ground level.

Now is the time to hit the ignore switch and let him play out the rest of the act, even if his body does end up on the floor, it will be done with the precision of a professional stuntman to avoid injury.

But, don’t panic, for the show is not over till the screaming and crying has ended.

We might well be as wild as ever on the inside but, we must remain as calm as possible on the outside and not react to this behavior.

99% of children will not get to the stage of hitting the floor, if the ignore button is activated firmly and early enough.

Once this method is chosen parent’s need to use these tactics as well, where possible, divert the child’s attention to something unrelated and enjoyable.

Next, if no success, completely ignore, after the explosion, “time out” is a must for the loss of their control.