Child Demanding Freedom – Using Discipline Guidelines To Manage Your Toddlers Expectations!

As your child grows, you may find you need to bring out the safety net to protect your one year old who believes he is in total control of the world around him. Allowing him to go only as far as you think is safe!.

Put him to the test by checking his level of responsibilities , start with a simple job like asking him to check if the mail man has been, this will give you a good indication for future freedom.

Don’t give him responsibilities to advanced for him, plan little chores or jobs within his limits that allow more freedom that he can safely handle.

Set The Limits And Have Them Clearly Understood…

Child Demanding Freedom Your child needs to be aware of the limits before he can be expected to know what to do or what you want him to do. Even at the innocent age of one-year-old your child should be told of the “Right,” and excepted rules, to prevent as many “wrong” unacceptable action occurring in the future.

Tell Your Child The Times He Can Step Over The Mark….

Minimize the doom and gloom of a few don’ts by showing and talking to your child about how he is able to do what he wants without getting into trouble for it. For instance, say “you want to go to the park, you must walk with me.”

Give More Freedom As Your Child Shows He Is Safely Using It…If your child is doing the right thing and being responsible, it’s a good idea to extend his freedom a little bit more, tell your child why you are changing them. Make him feel pretty good about the change, tell him, “ because he has shown a great deal of responsibility by respecting the limits, you have earned more freedom.”

Child Demanding Freedom – Solving The Problem…

For times your child has respected the limits of his freedom reward him for his actions. Tell him, “I’m so pleased you are in our yard playing instead of going next door to play. For staying in this yard, I would like to kick the footy around with you for a bit.”

Consequences For Breaking The Limits…

Your child needs to understand testing your limits puts a stop to his fun. Say to him, “I’m sorry to do this, but you left our yard. For doing this you must now stay in the house for the rest of the day.”

Child Demanding Freedom – Constantly Remind…

Make sure you go through with the consequences whenever your child has broken the rules. This helps him learn you do mean what you say. And has an effect on his own actions when he is away from you, knowing very well what you expect from him.

Child Demanding Freedom – Must Not…

Raising your hand to hit your child will only encourage a bad situation to turn worse when he hides from you, making matters harder to get back on track, so its best not to add to the problem.

Slapping your child will bring out many actions, like when your back is turned, and doing things on the sly.

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