Interacting with Strangers – Toddlers Discipline Article on Stranger Danger!

We as parents know the age old “Don’t Take Lollies From Strangers” only too well, the difference is, we know the importance of this advice.

This advice is quite warranted in today’s world.

Our children need to be made aware of how dangerous talking to strangers can be.

What our children need to learn is how to pick potentially dangerous situations and how to react to them.

The last thing we want is our child to be afraid of strangers, but to be wary of their actions.

Interacting with Strangers Interacting with Strangers – Have The Rules Understood…

Make sure your child understands the rules when interacting with a stranger. It is a good idea for both parents to be involved in making the rules and presenting them to the child, once your child has been made aware of the rules.


Rule Number 1.

“Never accept anything from a stranger unless I am there with you.”

Rule Number 2.

“Don’t go anywhere with a stranger, run to the nearest home or shop for help.”

I am sure you have your own rules on this subject, and no matter what, it is of the up most importance your child knows them well.

Interacting with Strangers – Practice Your Rules…

Tell your child to follow the rules you have made, act out different scenarios with your child making sure its totally understood exactly what to do if ever faced with a stranger.

To days world is not the way it was years ago. The shocking truth is, in many cases the people who abuse a child are quite well known to the family and the child.

Interacting with Strangers – Reminding, And Praising…

If your child says hello to a stranger while out shopping, praise your child for having pleasant manners, then ask your child to tell you the rules for the times you are not present.

If your child remembers, highly praise, if not, more practice is needed. Our children’s safety is in our hands, therefore we must do our best to ensure our precious little people understand the rules.

Interacting with Strangers – Setting Boundaries…

Children will pick up on the rules fairly quickly. But will have trouble being able to distinguishing between a potential dangerous situation and harmless ones.

Encourage your child to be polite to strangers. There is nothing wrong with being polite, but, being polite defiantly doesn’t involve taking gifts, lollies or helping the stranger find that cute little puppy they just lost.

Ask your child two or three times a week

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