Toddler Toilet Potty Training ….Out Of Nappies & Into The Big Wide World!

Toilet Potty Training:
The time has come to get your toddler out of nappies, one of the next decisions is deciding whether to use a potty or the toilet. It’s not really that important which one is chosen as long as the method of their use gets the results.
No child can be trained until a particular nerve pathways have adequately matured, a process that’s out of our hands, control over the bladder and the bowels begin around eighteen months to two years of age.

It would be fair to say, that training your child before the age of two is a waste of time. Most toilet training problems today, is likely to be that of unrealistic and deceptive advice.

Many parents like to start their children on the potty, and a lot of toddlers rather the potty than the toilet for it is easy to use and being portable it is able to be used in any room at the time.

A good time to start training your toddler for potty use is around half-way through his second year. By this age he has control over his bowel movements and possibly being aware of a full bladder and able to let his parents know in time.

Start with the potty training program in the morning. After the morning meal , sit your child on the potty. If there is a fuss with sitting on the potty have some favorite toys ready for the potty training session only.

Every potty session should last no longer than five minutes at a time. Remain with your child for the first few times, to assist when needed. After a few times of your child being aware of the routine, leave him sit on his own but stay in a reassuring distance.

After five minutes, lift your child from the potty. If your child has used the potty, then express your approval. If not, let your child know you are pleased he tried, tell him “Let’s try again tomorrow.”

The toilet potty training can be encouraged through out the day, but not so that your child feels he spends a good part of his day on the potty. If your child starts to object to sitting on the potty, leave the training for about four weeks and try again.

Toilet Potty Training:
Many parents often start toilet potty training far too early, mostly motivated by the mother-in-law comparing the days of her own parenting. This then makes you feel you are not doing it the right way, but the fact of it all is you are his mother and only you know when the time is right.

But then there is the independent tiny tot who wants to be just like the big people, and use the toilet. Independence is a positive step for our toddler, making sure safety comes first, using a temporary step to assist with him getting up to the toilet, its also a good idea to place a child’s small toilet seat under the adult seat. This allows the child more stability and less fear of falling into the toilet bowl.

Toilet Potty Training – When The Time Is Right…
Encouragement should always be apart of the training program. Don’t use the words “hurry up,” as it puts the pressure on your child making him uncomfortable, don’t fight. Just relax.

PRAISE is also important at this stage. For example, praising your child for telling you he needs to go “ wee’s.” When a toilet accident occurs don’t get up set, be calm and tell him you understand and he did the right thing telling you.

It is very important that parents always appear to be relaxed, not showing the more serious side of how they are feeling. If signs of anxiousness are present by the parent, its possible your child may become nervous and very likely to object to the whole toilet potty training idea.

Remember not to flush the toilet while your brave little “champ” is still on it, it often causes a fearful fright and delays the training process, and any achievements made are likely to be lost, for the time being.

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