Toddlers Discipline – Calling A Time Out!

“Time out” is one of the best ways to discipline children of all ages.

It comes hand in hand when the shouting and crying for whatever reason brings us to breaking point, well, its either Time Out or bring in the big guns for full scale war.

At this point, the only realistic decision when all else has failed “Time Out” discipline technique is the answer, to help save your sanity.

The Method… Toddlers Discipline Time out is simple; the parent approaches the offending junior in a calm quiet, but stern way without losing your temper or any commotion at all.

Then put your child in a room on his own, let him know his behavior won’t be accepted and putting him in Time Out is to give him a chance to think about his behavior.

Remember this practice is not meant as a punishment but to allow time for the unhappy members to cool down.

It is much easier to use this method while things are still in the early stages of declaring war, rather than to patch up casualties from the final blow.

Where Is Best For Time Out?

Once Time Out has been decided, now where best to put him. Well naturally, it would be his own room, or may be on a chair and made to sit their while others are around, but the aggravated child must remain seated until you are happy, his behavior is calmer.

A lot of professionals would frown upon this choice because they think the child will end up having a fear of his room since it is associated with punishment and later cause problems with sleeping.

As much as this sounds very feasible in theory it is not the cause in practice.

Never Lock The Door…!

Time out is not to be used as a punishment; once our child cools off we usually enter the bedroom and ask if he can behave in the correct manner, normally “yes” is the answer and with that he is out of his room.

If by chance the answer is “no,” then leave him in his room and say, “ he is to stay there until such time he can behave himself”.

The door must not be locked; this only gives children the feeling of entrapment, locking the door frightens all children.

Ensure They Can Get Out Of Their Room…

Children need to be able to exit their bedroom once the cooling off has been done at their discretion.

If the door is sticky or has high handles, this needs to be considered to allow your child easy exit the room without any frustration, maybe leave the door open a little or put tape over the door catch, so when your child is ready he can come out of his room without your assistance.

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